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Mountain Room @ Yosemite National Park

新开的。比较高档。2008年我们去Denali的时候他们就有一个新开的时髦馆子好称只使用当地食材。我们出去玩回来晚了然后就没吃上。当时是新开的。现在这股时髦高档讲究的饭馆显然开到了很多国家公园。不过还挺好吃的就是了。我们吃了两顿晚饭。一次就在Valley里面逛了逛不饿,所以吃的light dinner。另一次是滑了一整天雪,饿得正狠,吃了大餐。味道都还不错。两个人吃一顿饱饭得六七十。红酒还是我们从gift shop里面买了带回房间喝的。

Le Petit Bistro @ Mountain View


Bird Dog @ Palo Alto

很时髦的Japanese Fusion。有点贵。但是不记得吃到什么东西了。好像Salad还挺好吃的。其他? DH连我们去过这个馆子都不记得了。

Forthright Oyster Bar & Kitchen @ Campbell


Scratch @ Mountain View


Ippuku @ Berkeley

一碗午饭的Ramen要十几块哎。吃还是可以吃的。但是如果不是sales meeting真的就不用去这里吃Ramen啦。嘿嘿。

Chef Hung @ Cupertino


Meet Fresh @ Cupertino


I went to check out the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim past week. It is a gigantic show. Overwhelming. Lots of free food samples passing around. I didn’t even want to pick up any for the last day or two. It is that much amount of free food (and water).

I got to understand the food scene better through the Expowest and talking with people there. It is very much like a start up summit. Lots of mom-pop stores. Someone has an idea about a product, then finds a copacker and then off you go products to shelves. However, you really need to have a remarkable product (something people love) so it would go off shelves quickly to be successful. So it is a product-centric world too.

Half of the business school I attended is about how to secure funding. It almost felt like it is back to the Sillicon Valley 🙂 But investment amounts are much smaller. Everywhere you go, capitalism works the same way.

We went to Yosemite again late Feburary, to commemorate our previous winter trip to Yosemite 2006. Here is the post from ten years ago. Good thing that I have kept this blog for over twelve years.

We had really fond memories of our last trip there. In fact, both of us, when waiting for the sun set over Half Dome, recounted the dusk ten years ago, with fog rising a few feet over the valley floor, with ice and snow over those majestic granite monolith, and light disappearing quickly leaving a meandering longing over everything. It is that memorable.

Turned out in late February it was more like early spring in the Valley. It was still nice. Now that we were staying four nights, we had plenty of time to hike. We hiked to the old familiar Clark Point on the Half Dome trail. We hiked the Upper Falls. It was my first time hiking the Upper Falls, for my four trips in the park. The Lodge was giving out two lift tickets of Badger Pass for every two nights’ stay. So we had four lift tickets and therefore went to the ski area inside the park for two days.

Biggest news: DH learned to ski, finally. After nearly twenty years (albeit about six days of skiing for those twenty years), he finally took a chair lift and ski’ed a basic green trail with me. We were really happy. At the end of the first day’s ski, we were sitting in the outside lounge and reminiscing about  the day. He made great progress that day, and I was already imagining our future ski trips to Whistler and Vail. On the second day, we rode the chair lift together (in separate chairs because he was afraid of riding with someone else) and ski’ed down the mountain together. I felt so happy! Finally, now I have a partner when ski’ing. No longer a loner sport for me any more.

Another highlight is Fire Falls. We accidentally went to the park in a time for the natural Fire Falls of the Horse Tail Falls. It is a tiny and seasonal falls from El Capitain. Should I not check out my friend’s photo of it a few days ago, we would totally miss it. We spent the first twenty minutes looking up and wondering whether there was water at all. It requires good weather in the last two weeks of February to see it. And we saw it on the third night, the previous two nights being cloudy and cold.

Here is some practical information. We used our credit card’s 4th night free so the total lodging costs were reasonable. The lodge increased its price but giving out lift tickets, effectively throwing the ski part in. The free Valley Bus is still running to all stops so just park the car and ride the shuttle going to places and hiking. The food court is a cheaper option than the newly opened Mountain Room restaurant, which is on the higher end. There is a Mountain Room Lounge which serves mostly alcohol. We bought wines from the gift shop for three nights and consumed alcohol in our hotel room. That is definitely cheaper:)

One of our front lights was dead. The other has been intermittent, which means it would be on for a while, such as fifteen minutes, then it would be off, but next time it would be on again. This has been going on for nearly two years. And I have been turning on high beam for night driving all this time. The reason? It would be too damn expensive to fix it. According to dealer and other run-of-mill mechanic, I would need to replace both the hid light bulb and the ballast, the computer control unit of the light. The hid light bulb, mind you, is quoted at $275 not from dealer. From dealer it would be $290. The ballast unit would be about $200. Replacing the ballast would require taking off the entire lamp component and therefore the labor cost is at two hours, making the total for a single side ~$675. Having both lights fixed would be ~$1350. And this is not a dealer quote.

We recently decided to fix this problem since we are getting on a trip to a more remote place and it might involve night driving a lot. Apparently, the way to reduce cost: 1. buy OEM light bulb; 2. buy after-market ballst; 3. do it yourself. Luckily for us, once we replaced both light bulbs, all are fine now. We bought the bulbs off Amazon, them being naked-eye identical with the dead bulbs they replaced. So the $50 per bulb solution sounds so much more attractive than the $275 dealer version. You can check out the bulbs here (D4S, 42042).

How to use the 4th night free benefit that comes with a Citi Prestige card?

  1. You have to call through the Citi Concierge to make the hotel reservation. The agent would book the reservation for you and credit back your 4th night cost (with taxes) to your card.
  2. Citi Concierge number: 1-800-508-8930. Or this number 561-922-0158. They are open 24 by 7.
  3. Have to be the primary card holder to make the reservation.

By Pema Chodron

讲的是如何通过持守别解脱戒(Vow of personal liberation),菩萨戒(Warrior vow)和密宗戒(Samaya vow)来拥有一个没有fear而且充满温暖的人生。书我很喜欢💖 后面两个戒的内容没看太懂。前面其实也有点忘了。过去十年主要在化教方面学习,行教方面的知识几乎为零。在家人不能了解具体的别解脱戒的内容。所以我并不是要了解具体的戒行持犯。而是戒是什么。什么是持戒。戒究竟在锻炼什么能力等等。去年受五戒的时候学了一些。但是中文材料太难懂。同样的类似的内容,比较general和approachable的,还要看英文。这本就写很好。完全满足了我的个人需要。就是用大白话解释戒和持戒。看了当时觉得懂了。正好一个朋友👬微信问为什么定前要持戒,我还回答了呢。要是不看这本书可能回答不上来。但是现在其实不记得什么了。就记得持戒其实就是时时刻刻watch out自己。如果负面情绪产生,要能stay with that edgy energy, stay present。不要被负面情绪带着跑。显然需要再读。过一段时间沉淀一下再读。

也好简单,就看了一本 《菩提道次第广论》。 

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