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I have fixed two problems for our Samsung washer in the past few months.

First, “SUD” is the error code displayed. Solution: pour white vinegar into the detergent drawer and then start a full wash cycle. Then it is gone. Very easy.

Second, “ND” is the error code. This is a way more serious problem. It means water is not draining from the washer. Of all circumstances, the washer went into this shocking state (together with flooding water for the entire laundry room) the night before I left for a Germany trip. So frustrating. You can Google and Youtube for tutorials. In short, the reason can be twofold: (1) the washer itself isn’t draining water; (2) the standing pipe that is connecting to your washer to the sewer system isn’t draining water. To fix the first problem, you find a low and shallow pan and open up the hold at the bottom of the washer. I realize there is such a hole during this fix. Never before did I pay any attention to that part of the machine. Open the hose and drain water. Finger crossed hoping your machine would work after this fix. You can start a wash+spin cycle after this to test it out. Better yet, check if the standing pipe is having any connection issue. Turned out that I had accidentally pushed off a heavy bottle of something off the washer and it knocked the standing pipe off a little. And that was the reason.

It is not easy to find that out. Because given the size of our laundry room, to check the standing pipe you have to move the washer and dryer out first. And that was some REAL work, for one person. In fact, I only cleaned up the floor of the laundry room, lay out the wet clothes to dry before my Germany trip. And came back to fix it. After two days, I tentatively started the wash + spin cycle, only to discover it did work, with me only draining the washer itself. But a few days later, the ND error code came back. And this time, with the hubby home, he moved the two machines a bit, and discovered the culprit bottle of things.

The washer has been reliably working for eight years. What a mess when it broke down. Here is for its continuing health for another ten or twenty years!

Ever feel the despair that it is the last day to submit the application but the website requires you to scroll to the bottom of an agreement before you can click “agree”, and you cannot seem to make the scroll work because the agreement is a text area embedded on a web page and you seem can only scroll the entire page?

Remember: Select, then Shift + up/down to scroll the text area

November 2017


  • is loving shelter-in-place, in fact 2 days ago
  • is sleeping much better during shelter-in-place 2 weeks ago
  • is emotionally ready for the next chapter of life 7 months ago
  • is memorizing Himalaya keyboards and learning to type Tibetan. So exciting. Chinese, English, Spanish, now my fourth language Tibetan! 8 months ago
  • this is a special summer 11 months ago

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