Dependent Origination


Posted on: December 25, 2014

1. for most of the month i will remember it by riding the caltrain into san francisco and working in soma – a bit of contractor work helping a work friend out

2. did volunteer work for a friend for the last week of july – being a tour guide for a big bus full of people, took them to san francisco, 17 miles, monterey, santa cruz etc

3. the mid-month visit from monks turned out to be crucial development for me – i never realized it at the point – i went for the usual events that open for public and at the last of it, one of the monks, the most senior one, asked me a few questions about my work and said he would like to meet me because there were related questions about things i do that the sangha is trying to do – so i went in thinking it was an information chat with him – turned out he asked the other guy to drop in – and it became a session about what was going on in the center right now and in the past – i felt the influence of the meeting greatly afterwards though at the time i didn’t know where that power was from and what that was for – looking back now, half a year later, that was because of karma, it was a fateful first meeting of two persons with heavy joint karma


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