Dependent Origination


Posted on: December 25, 2014

1. husband called to say he wanted to buy an apartment in china

2. spend ten days driving to places some as far as three hours away to acquire proper document/authentication etc

3. flew to china and signed contract

4. husband actually came earlier than my landing and waited for me at the meeting point – a rare thing – he is always late – he prepared tea for me to test it out too – it was real sweet of him

5. rode a night train to beijing (second time sleeping in a train, i think? )

6. husband wanted me to educate his housekeeper to cook – turned out to be a very difficult task – some people is not meant to learn about new things after school finishes

7. beijing the city always turned out with great pull for me – felt the less humidity of a summer than the south – hope one day i can lay down my roots here and really get to enjoy the city, my childhood city

8. mom lectured me like four hours about at least a dozen of her friends whose daughters bought them a new apartment – after meeting up with college friend, turned out she also increased the unit price from 13000rmb/sq m to 18000rmb/sq m when informing me of her options

9. in retrospect she expressed her desire of wanting to visit america again back then

10. good thing of going back to china during a world cup season: watched many matches with husband in the wee hours, sometimes with me sleeping through most of a match – husband later reported killing mosquitoes for me during my sleep

11. first time leaving from beijing airport, previous time was four years ago, when i came back for a dying grandmother, the last of barely normal days


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