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Posted on: May 29, 2014

I was most obsessed with Bu Bu Jing Xin since last November and was very reluctant to leave the story. But I want to read more about the period, about the background, about the society and how people lead their lives for that period. So I started reading the novels by February River later last year. I finished the four books on Kangxi and the three books on Yongzheng in about three to four weeks? No interest in Qianlong at all hoho. They were a great read and I treat it rather like finding my own connections to the period. Most fascinating. Most engaging.

At the same time I watched a third time of the TV drama of Bu Bu Jing Xin, in a leisurely pace, finally to enjoy them. The previous two viewings focused more on the story, or understanding the story, and my attention was focused on the heroine. Now I have more mental capacity to appreciate the hero, and all the supporting cast. And a little attention also goes to the houses they live in and the jewelry they wear and the food they eat and things like that 🙂 I think I am on my way to become a notable historian on the Qing Dynasty 😛

My volunteer work posed some serious challenge during the month. It is not out of nowhere. Unfortunately it is the culmination of accumulated frustration with my collaborators over the past year or two. I started to have second thoughts about what I should be doing in terms of allocating my precious time to the most important thing in my life. I have a lifelong weakness of not being able to work with people with much less capability than my own. This weakness manifests itself again. Well I tried my best and I didn’t start the collaboration thinking of them as less capable at all. Sadly it turned out that way. The million dollar question is what should I do about it, my volunteer work. It is a very debilitating question to ask but it imprints itself onto my mind and has never left since the beginning of the year.

At work, lots were happening. Or should I say lots of my expectations were changed. But I worked rather hard for the month, developed good relationships with the two engineers whom I am working with on the new project, whom I haven’t spent much time with earlier. We turned out to be very similar persons and therefore are developing a quick friendship.

So much for reporting what had happened in January of the year in May of the year. I consulted my daily dairies so rest assured this is fairly accurate on what happened as of end of January 🙂


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