Dependent Origination


Posted on: January 9, 2014

First of all, there was nearly a disaster at work for me. The verdict hasn’t been out until now, but situation has significantly improved since mid December. In short, our CEO wants me to devote to this project with an outside partner, but the partner isn’t very collaborating but they are influential. CEO wants us to have a relationship with them so it would add value for the company down the road, say in March or in May. This used to be a high priority project but some things had changed in December so its priority is very low — my boss wants me moving to other projects but CEO still thinks it would add value to the company, should I be able to make it by March. But since its priority is lowered I cannot secure any more resources from my boss — he basically told me you are on your own. So I am the single person working on this pursuit, which requires much work and efforts, and I have to make it by March for it to be having value.

Not a very good position to be in at all. If it is any comfort, the outcome of this project is unlikely to hurt my position inside the company. It is mostly about the (suicidal) efforts that you have to put in a project that is with borderline priority from the very beginning, and you have no one else to turn to. I didn’t really want to do it either but CEO insisted on going forward. What can I do? I expressed my stand in not going too many extra miles for an influential partner. Luckily our initial proposal (with extra miles) weren’t loved by them either. And a week or two later my boss finally convinced CEO that we should just try to keep the relationship warm, instead of doing whatever that can work — we are not a contractor for them anyway and we have our own road maps and resources can be put to better uses elsewhere for us.

The episode is still going on as I write, literally and we will see how it goes in the new year.

Life wise, nothing to really report. I started going to acupuncture again. It helps. I was quite mad (and disappointed) with western medicine, let’s say 🙂 I did a small surgery in July but everything apparently went down south in terms of what I feel. But according to all tests I am deemed healthy by the hospital and physician. If I wanted to fix my “problem” per se, which was caused by eating medicine X, they offered to let me eat more X. Chinese medicine really is better in these cases and I am in the middle of converting to it 🙂

I am still quite obsessed with Scarlet Heart (bu bu jing xin). I started reading lots of wiki pages and period fictions in Chinese just to get to know more about those people and those times. I read the original novel and found myself loving it. It actually needs a lot of thinking to think through the story, about those people, what they were feeling and when was critical point for their life changes and why they did what they did etc. I enjoy the thinking a lot, most of which were done in my newly developed habit of an hour-long walk after lunch. My understanding of people, I feel, grows quite a bit, especially for those more quiet, more thoughtful, more considerate, more calculating people. More comments on the novels I read coming.


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