Dependent Origination


Posted on: June 30, 2013

This is probably my first time in keeping up with time in terms of writing monthly summaries fit to the public 🙂

The biggest thing happened is our new rental property closed finally. It all started end of April when I finally went to see an open house of our real estate agent in the past and we scheduled a lunch the next day. Turned out he had a deal which was on the verge of falling apart because his client couldn’t secure from her (second) husband a statement that he knew she was acquiring property and he agreed that the property had nothing to do with him. So he convinced me to give the property a try. We set out driving in the traffic the same day to view the house and I made an offer the second day. At the time I thought this pie from the sky must be a gift from my dear Buddha. Unfortunately it fell apart in the end with the seller agent tired of the maneuvers my agent had been doing. So I set out officially the next Saturday in May with him to check out houses doing the “market research” which probably should happen before making an offer. Good thing I liked one of the houses and made an offer. My agent had been telling me it is about fifteen offers to one deal for a buyer in the market right now so I wasn’t putting in much hope in the offer. But it was accepted, out of the competing bidders, without me raising prices much at all. So maybe the gift is this house not the other one, I told myself 🙂 Anyway, I have been reading a lot on landlording recently, and regret from the bottom of my heart that I should have read all these books three years ago then I would have managed our other remote house way better, especially in terms of the deductions it could bring us. Oh well. I have to remember everything has a book for it and reading can solve all problems 🙂

Work has been busy that it becomes the new norm and I don’t have anything to write home about any more 🙂 My plan for volunteering in the future is cut down on the projects with reaching out and I have since rejected an invitation to join a new effort for August. Needless to day it causes a small turmoil, most of which unseen since people are unlikely to speak out and inquire directly. My main reason is my busier work schedule, which is true. I want to focus more on my work — it is hard to say the amount of my volunteering hadn’t been happening sometimes at the cost of my working focus and time. It is due time that I shall focus wholly on work and see where it would take me. On the side note, I have been thinking about what makes me uncomfortable inside the volunteer organization. I think I have made progress on that front. I feel more deeply about exploration on my own now, which never happened in the past seven years. So it is probably natural that I went to my first meditation session with a Japanese zen center in walking distance to my house. The session is about 45 minutes which numerous people said was too long for beginners, unbearable time and pain. I thought the same thing would happen to me but it didn’t. I don’t think I meditate that well since I had spent nearly the entire session fighting either sleepiness or wandering mind and thoughts but when the ending bell sounded I was surprised since I was still hard fighting, so to speak 🙂 After the meditation, the most noticeable thing is my vision became so much sharper that the yard, full of trees bearing branchful of grapefruits, oranges, plums and etc, looks like a different place to my eyes and mind. I intend to keep on going a bit with it, see how far I can go. At the same time, I also realize I have all the symptoms Master says about a not-likely-to-be-successful meditation: the monkey mind and the sleep problem. That makes me feel that Master has known everything and I shall follow him closely since he appears to have the key to solve all these problems, which would be very hard to solve on my own.

Lately the horoscopes have been very accurate for me and family. Mom’s state becomes better — she is talking with least negativity in the past two or three years. The stars says Pisces is finally leaving the past two years of turmoil caused by parting, loss, grief, and transaction of real estates. How true description for mom’s past two years! The stars also say Gemini is leaving behind two years of extreme hardship behind and their luck for both money and career is up starting second half of the year. I hope my dearly loved family can benefit greatly from what the universe is giving them and steps out of the holes for the past two or three years and finds themselves some good news and enjoyable rides with life.


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