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Posted on: June 16, 2013

According to astrology, the universe is gearing up for me — said I should take advantage of the opportunity the stars and the moment is giving me, starting later half of May. I do feel that my life pace is picking up, especially the last one or two week of May. Work has been ramping up. It is not terribly crazy — just the kind of craziness that you know is only the start of real craziness! I feel both scared and pumped at the same time: scared because I haven’t faced this many/big challenges for two years; pumped because of exactly the same reason. Let’s see!

On the volunteer work side, I had a major argument with people — it is result of tensions for the past few months. On the one hand, I resolve to keep on volunteering because obstacles are not reasons for giving up. On the other hand, I think I should adjust how I volunteer by contributing more time to lamrim and its related work and toning down the time on helping reaching out to more people.

It so happened that just when I made the above decisions, a friend of mine approached me asking my help in volunteering for her nascent organization! I have been amazed by how things go when I am calm and clear about what I need in the past few years: literally every time I think of something it would happen soon, be it I need to find a home contractor then in the next few days I would receive home made flyers of a contractor recently retired from the builder who built my house. I have to thank the universe in this accomplishment and have recently realized that I better be careful about what I think of 🙂

I also realized for the bigger life goals, I should stop thinking of them as if I am planning. I should think of the end goals, imagine what would happen once they accomplish. This way, I help the universe help me achieving it! 🙂

Enough lesson in this — I find no one to talk about it since most everyone I told them about it was incredulous. Most of them commented to me that I must be dreaming and some even expressed concerns that I may need further help 🙂 Maybe they are right but I feel great about my powers 🙂

Anyway I started volunteering for this friend’s organization but soon got lost. To put more accurately not even two weeks into it, I realized how unpleasant and incompetent my direct group leader was and wanted to get out of it. They are having a big launch ceremony in June and I decide after it I would have nothing with them. I haven’t told my dear friend yet which would be a blow to her. But oh well, it has to happen for me to have a relatively sane and leisure life.

By the end of May, so many people wanted to eat lunch or dinner with me, that for the last week and half, both my lunch and dinner were booked. Some are large group gatherings — where I met some bright and capable and young people. Some are private where I got updated on the latest gossips of past work friends. Some are for people who want something from me, where I have to think before going about what I should be saying no to. I have been spending time learning about faces and even made real-life decisions based on what I learned — I am interested in tracking down the person I have made a prediction and see if those predictions go true or not 🙂

It is a month of energy picking up and I am so looking forward to the next month!


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