Dependent Origination

The Alchemist

Posted on: May 17, 2013


It is a short, nice and touching story about a sheperd boy who has the courage to follow his dream. His family wants him to become a priest, but he told his father, who had been scraping by all his adult life, about his dream of traveling around and therefore he wanted to become a shepard. His dad sighed and gave him 2 gold coins he picked up in the fields and meant to leave as inheritance for the boy. The boy started his herd of sheep and wondering the fields of Andalusia. Under a huge sycamore tree in a ruined church somewhere on the plains of Andalusia, he had a recurring dream of a treasure in the Egyptian pyramids for him. He sought out a Gypsy woman for a clue and the woman told him to follow it. A magic king showed up in front of him and told him to follow his dream too. The boy gave one-tenth of his sheep to the magic king as a symbol of courage and bought a ticket to Africa.

The journey followed tested the boy’s determination, smarts and luck a lot. But as they said, the universe will conspire to make it happen if you really want it, even though you don’t seem to understand how the conspiracy is going. Things fell through at first, but later they picked themselves up and you just need to heed the omens. That is all.

Love sometimes appears to hinder our efforts to follow a dream but those who love us will always support us and want us to be happy. Love without ownership, how splendid a phrase and concept! May you have the luck to meet someone who loves you without any intention to control or own you. Had there been such efforts, had there been efforts that are trying to change you into something else, stop a moment and think whether that is love or not and whether you want that love or not.

The theories behind alchemy are complicated and I am not sure that I get it at all. It sounds like Buddhsim’s the One in fact. All religions probably have some concept about the universe and the human kind being one thing and therefore powerful. The difference is whether there is proven record of that happening, I think 🙂

Times like this, I wish I could read in Spanish, to better appreciate the author’s writing and language. He has a talent with words.


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