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Undefined symbols for architecture armv7s

Posted on: January 18, 2013

This usually involves rebuilding your third-party libraries with the correct architecture targets (like adding armv7s to it in earlier version of xcode) — not sure if it is still the case now since armv7 and armv7s are one single target inside xcode.

My setup is a bit different. I am trying to make an old app work with the newer libraries. Making the app work on simulator solved the problem with libraries such as jquery and jqtouch. Now when I tried to build and run on my actual device, it is PhoneGap 0.9.0 that might need fixing (the current version is 2.2.x).

I want to avoid pulling in a new PhoneGap library — besides, PhoneGap core library is renamed Cordova and I see name changes all over in the source files. So with a leaden heart, I tried one thing: in the project file of PhoneGap (one above your own project), I changed the value for Valid Architecture to “armv6 armv7 armv7s” from “armv6 armv7”.

It worked. My app is built.


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