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How Will You Measure Your Life

Posted on: January 1, 2013


I love this book. It has totally changed my view towards the categories of books such as ‘self-help’ or ‘business’. I still think one should not read too much in these categories as there are too much self-proclaimed truth and strategy in it. You need to know a bit about the things they say is important but you really will benefit a lot more reading some other books which help you understand yourself, and people around you better. That will surely lead to better relationships all around, instead of reading some books that say it can better your relationships.

I think the key point, as described in this book, which is a mesmerizing read which i had to interrupt and put down the book to think about how my life measures up according to what he says in the book, is you have to carry out the strategy you choose for your life, after you figure out your priorities. Carrying out means you have to allocate resources, such as time and money, into the things you say you value most. For example, family. The author has lots of personal examples illustrating how he implemented a strategy of putting family first. For example, he routinely declined colleagues’ invitation to join intriguing conversations at work to go home at six o’clock every day. For example, he uses a friend (who raised great kids) to make the point that kids are ready to learn not when you are ready to teach so it means you have to be around when they are ready to learn, which in turn means you have to spend lots of quality time with them in order to teach them the things you want them to learn.

It is a great read, and makes me think. Highly recommend.


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