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Blue at the Mizzen

Posted on: December 25, 2012


The last book of the Aubrey/Maturin series. I felt a tightening heart as the remaining pages diminish. Last book. There is no more of Aubrey and Maturin any more. What a sad thought. As if to ease the user about their pain, the book saunters from beginning to nearly the end, with me wondering where are the promised action that will make Aubrey hoist his own flag? [Note this is not spoiler as the title of the book already told you it is going to happen!] The climax came in the end, in maybe two dozens of pages, and it climbs to the top at the very end. I don’t think the author knew that this would be the last book he would produce, but the end is proper.

If I had any reservations, I feel Maturin moved from Diana to Christine, another love target too quickly. I couldn’t help thinking Maturin loved Diana dearly. He made his intentions known to Diana from the second book but spent the next few books trying to convince an unmoved Diana that staying monogamous to him is a better idea. Remember the time Maturin duel’ed Diana’s lover who she had been living with without marriage (and therefore causing herself great harm in reputation). He himself was badly hurt but he left a note before passing out to Diana telling her he has bought her a sea ticket and she should return to England and stay in her relative’s house. It was moving to read that how he took Diana’s future seriously and put Diana’s life in front of him. The most irony is Diana got on that ship but run away with an American rich man to New York before the ship reached destination. So Maturin saved Diana spectacularly and Diana ditched Maturin spectacularly too.

But Maturin moved onto Christine with nearly the same interest, barely a book after Diana died in a chaise accident. He loves Brigid still but it is hard to imagine with so much devotion he would move on so fast.

Well that is what i thought. Which doesn’t hurt a single bit the greatness of the series. Maybe I should start another post about some final remarks about the series, instead of pouring it here 🙂


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