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The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 3,500 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 6 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

不看不知道 原来我一年就看了四个电影

1. 我是丽

2. Go Masao

3. Rain Man

4. Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride

我好像还去电影院一次看了蝙蝠侠黑暗骑士后传得说 但是都没有写下来 我现在连自己那天晚上出去看的是不是这个电影都不清楚了

这里是2011年电影总结 里面有很多连接可以检查2005,2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010的电影总结 这里就不连过去了

这个是十月份回国的飞机上看的 前面忘了写了 好看 美工 故事 音乐 都没得说

年末检查blog 发现去肯塔基的内容还没有写过 我十月份赛马季的opening weekend去的 我们第二天就去了keeneland 美女帅哥如云 而且帅哥们西装革履 美女们精心打扮 我们只见到了一个group的人穿得比较casual 原来看赛马是人家的重要社会活动 是要dress up的 恍惚之间仿佛回到了gone with the wind的时代 另外 目力所及 只有我们这一小撮亚洲人 其他基本上全是白人 朋友两个都是uk的教授 他们说平时上课也是这个样子的 放眼过去 是blonde的海洋 据说中央情报局专门在肯塔基招人 因为这里的人世代农民 根正苗红 而且没有和外国人通婚的 吼吼

朋友安排了很多很好玩的 比方说我们参观了一个bourbon distillery 肯塔基三宝 fast horses, strong bourbon and wild women 所以酒厂一定要参观的说 他介绍很多很有意思的细节 哎 我没有马上写游记 结果现在好多都忘了 比方说bourbon一定要用新的橡木桶来age 但是wine就是用用过的橡木桶 所以bourbon酒厂用过的橡木桶都卖到加拿大去了(加拿大有酿葡萄酒的吗?嗯)还有每一桶出来都是不一样proof的 所以通常要几桶混在一起勾兑出80 proof这样子 这就叫small batch bourbon 如果是一桶里面出来的就是 single barrel bourbon 还有single malt我已经忘了什么意思了 *_* 酒厂里面还有很多机关 都是以前的人没有什么机械 但是用很小很巧妙的木工来完成任务 比方说装满了酒的木桶怎么运到库房里去 怎么让它们停下来 等等 细节我也忘了 库房通常都很高大 五六层楼的样子 因为窗户的位置和季节阳光温度的关系 有一些楼层一些区段存的酒就卖得格外贵 tour 结束还给大家尝一尝各种各样的bourbon 还不错 挺好喝

我们还去了附近的一个natural bridge state park 去的路上聊得太开心 我们还开过头儿了 哈哈 满山的红叶很漂亮 我们要是住得近一些就好了!

我们还吃了很多好吃的 具体的单子肯定要亲爱的yn来补充了 我记得有个叫桔的日本馆子 很好吃 在一个酒店边上 还有一个中餐自助餐 也很不错 我都好久没吃过自助餐了 恍惚之中 仿佛我们又回到了grad school 听说附近新开了一家自助餐 还有龙虾 就跳上车 开上四十五分钟 一起去尝鲜的年代 而那 竟然是十几年前的事了 时光飞逝了这么多 但是我们仍然还在彼此生命中安然存在 虽然不能经常见面 但是分别从来没有变成陌生的理由 这也是幸运的一种 要好好感谢上苍的安排 和朋友们的帮助 I wish you all the best in the year ahead~~


I read this one a few months ago, probably in September or October but apparently forgot to write about it.

It is a great story. I love all things Southern — they seem to have a special knack at telling a story. I am absorbed from beginning to end and now feel a lot more comfortable if the movie comes my way and i have to watch it 🙂

We watched Master and Commander starring Russel Crowe back in 2003, and in a real movie theatre. I remember being impressed by the seemingly strange but touching friendship between the captain and the ship surgeon and marking to myself that I would like to read the books behind the movie one day.

Fast forward to 2011. I randomly accepted a friend request on goodreads from some stranger, since he appears to be an avid reader too. At the time he was pushing himself through the series and marked nearly every book five stars. I remembered what I felt after the movie and, without any planning, picked up Master and Commander and Post Captain from the library before getting on a trip to Mexico.

It was a bit harsh read at first, because of the sea jargons. I remember I was lying on the bed and reading and thinking I couldn’t figure out what they are talking about why they are doing things. But the book has enough potential; by the time we returned from Mexico, I was happily moving onto Post Captain. What a book! The book ends with a toast to Sophie, which made me feel all the strong feelings going through the characters and their times. 荡气回肠, probably the only descriptive word for the ending. Then the rest is history.

Richard Snow writes better than I can about why the series are special. “the best historical novels ever written. On every page Mr. O’Brian reminds us with subtle artistry of the most important of all historical lessons: that times change but people don’t, that the griefs and follies and victories of the men and women who were here before us are in fact the maps of our own lives.”

I feel so very lucky that I came across and finished the series, got to know such a talented writer, and fell in love with Aubrey and Maturin. If you happen to read about this, I hope one day the same thing can happen to you too 🙂


The last book of the Aubrey/Maturin series. I felt a tightening heart as the remaining pages diminish. Last book. There is no more of Aubrey and Maturin any more. What a sad thought. As if to ease the user about their pain, the book saunters from beginning to nearly the end, with me wondering where are the promised action that will make Aubrey hoist his own flag? [Note this is not spoiler as the title of the book already told you it is going to happen!] The climax came in the end, in maybe two dozens of pages, and it climbs to the top at the very end. I don’t think the author knew that this would be the last book he would produce, but the end is proper.

If I had any reservations, I feel Maturin moved from Diana to Christine, another love target too quickly. I couldn’t help thinking Maturin loved Diana dearly. He made his intentions known to Diana from the second book but spent the next few books trying to convince an unmoved Diana that staying monogamous to him is a better idea. Remember the time Maturin duel’ed Diana’s lover who she had been living with without marriage (and therefore causing herself great harm in reputation). He himself was badly hurt but he left a note before passing out to Diana telling her he has bought her a sea ticket and she should return to England and stay in her relative’s house. It was moving to read that how he took Diana’s future seriously and put Diana’s life in front of him. The most irony is Diana got on that ship but run away with an American rich man to New York before the ship reached destination. So Maturin saved Diana spectacularly and Diana ditched Maturin spectacularly too.

But Maturin moved onto Christine with nearly the same interest, barely a book after Diana died in a chaise accident. He loves Brigid still but it is hard to imagine with so much devotion he would move on so fast.

Well that is what i thought. Which doesn’t hurt a single bit the greatness of the series. Maybe I should start another post about some final remarks about the series, instead of pouring it here 🙂

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