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midnight hike of mission peak

Posted on: November 11, 2012

I finally did it with my colleagues! About the same time (September/October) five years ago I first got the idea of a midnight hike to Mission Peak and tried to make one happen with a few new friends met then — it started raining and we had to cancel the hike one Friday night. Now the same thing, one random Friday afternoon, one lazy Friday afternoon at work, a few of us started talking and we decided to hike the Mission Peak that night! They picked me up after my weekly Buddhism study and off we went to Fremont!

It was a really nice hike — the sky was lit with stars and the new moon (waning gibbous to be exact 🙂 rose when we approached the peak for the last half mile. You can see stuff even if there is no lights around but you see the rolling hills, the occasional trees and the sleeping cows with such clarity that day or night it doesn’t make much difference — well, sans the penetrating California sun is probably an added bonus!

We even had s’mores at the peak — one of my colleagues is a serious hiker so he took stove, chocolate, ginger graham crackers and marsh mallows with him and we had a fun time~

The most remarkable thing is we almost stepped on a baby rattle snake — well, the visual designer discovered it! After his shout out, all headlights were pointed to the rock but it still took me likt a minute or two to recognize the snake. A bit scary, we were much more careful about where we were going and what we were stepping on after it. Baby rattle snakes are said to be the worst since they haven’t learned controlling the amount of venom to release so they just go all in — the adult rattle snakes usually just release enough venom to make the threat immobile, if they are not happy, like being stepped upon during sleep 🙂

Would love to do it again — so good an experience!


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