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Posted on: October 22, 2012


I finally hiked the Dipsea trial with friends at work. We strategically started from mile 1 so the 600+ steps were avoided. The starting point is somewhere on the Panorama Highway, somewhere down from the Mountain Home Inn. I hiked the trail to Stinson Beach and spent a few hours in the little town, leafing through their antique stores, the book store, and the health food market. All felt very Californian.

My friends, being young and energetic, hiked straight back up to our starting point, which made their hike a 13 mile or so. I wisely decided to stay behind and took the bus back to Mountain Home Inn and walked to where our car was parked. It is a very wise decision and I think is a very good way of enjoying Dipsea without being too exhausted. You can find the bus schedule here. Note you have to wait inside the Stinson Beach parking lot for the bus that goes back to Pantoll ranger station or Mountain Home Inn. The bus won’t pick you up if you stay by the road in town. Also remember that weekday and weekend schedules are different. Thanks to two old ladies sitting on the bench I got all these information easily and without any unnecessary twists on my part 🙂

The mile itself is amazing. Even though technically it is 7 miles downhill, at times, especially right after Pantoll station, it actually rises up — you have to climb over two to three little hills before the descend into Stinson beach. So it is exhausting, good exhausting hike. I would like to do it again, if just as a measure of how much cardio progress I am making 🙂


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