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something about unnamed namespace

Posted on: September 28, 2012

I have encountered a ‘cannot find reference to function’ error from the linker today and couldn’t figure out why. Thanks to a colleague who recently worked on the build system — we figured out why.

library file:

namespace A {

namespace {

struct D { definition; }


return_type example_function(const vector<D>&);


test file:

#include “library.h”

vector<D> v;


this test cannot pass linker because linker would complain it couldn’t find reference to example_function.

How did we figure out?

1. grep through the actual compile command to see the *.o file is in it

2. use nm on the *.o file so we can see the function symbol is in the object file

3. clearly this is about parameter types now — i confirmed it passing a simple type

4. then colleague realizes that it is because of the unnamed space — it is assigned to a random number while compiling the library — and another random number assigned while compiling the test — so the two symbols won’t match up in the symbol table and linker couldn’t find the prototype of the function


1. take out the unnamed space or give it a name


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