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Posted on: July 28, 2012

I am spending less time on an airplane to read so the amount of reading is dropping significantly — it used to be a plane ride = a book read. I came across this guide on weibo about how you should kill the however many hours of flight between China and US — i cannot stop feeling fidgetting after reading it — do people lose their capabilities of spending sometime with themselves??? I don’t understand why you need a guide to kill time and I don’t understand why that ten, twelve, fifteen hours can be so intolerable to some people that after reading what they write i feel as if i was spending some intolerable time myself.

Anyway, back to the novel. The first chapter or so was a bit dragging, with a young hand at writing — I think this gotta be an early work in Murdoch’s career that you can sense the naivety with which she wrote and planted plot devices. However, everything changed a few chapters into the book and it became a page turner, plot wise. I don’t exactly like the ending, since it is too much, too impossible for a person to be in such position. All in all, I like the Bell a lot better but I will keep on reading Murdoch since she appears to be writing about our weaknesses more frequent than other people.


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