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Redefined macros from other modules

Posted on: July 4, 2012

This solution isn’t found by me — it is found by my teammate. But since we have spent quite some hours trying to get our thing compiled together, I took the liberty of writing it down here 🙂

The problem is when we include header files from mongo they have macros defined and undefined in their module. Classes are fine since they are in a separate namespace. Macros are really messy. I tried to include our own headers after theirs so we have those macros available after they undefined theirs (which have the same name as ours, such as LOG!). But it only works to a certain extent, we soon faced mysterious error messages that a template parameter is not instantialized or something like that. My teammate realized that instead of using their classes, you can use them as pointers and that way you only need to forward declaration without include the actual header files. Then you include the actual header files in the implementation files. This way their module is only pulled in during compile time which isn’t polluting everyone else’s namespace with their macros. Well that is the theory we will probably encounter more problems but I think the solution got us really far and is clever and warrants a note 🙂


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