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xfce debian wheezy does not have php with readline support

Posted on: June 7, 2012

due to licensing issues 😦

what does this mean? this means when you run php -a:
with readline support, you are going to see php> prompt and you can type in statements in php and the interpreter runs it for you. really useful tool when you just want to see what a statement does.
without readline support, you will see ‘Interactive Mode Enabled’, but without the prompt. you can paste in html code (i.e., with <?php tags), hit ctrl-D, then the interpreter runs it output something — it sucks.

one version says Php 5.4 compiled readline into a separate module, so you can work around it — the licensing issue only prevents debian wheezy from distributing a php with readline support, it doesn’t prevent you from using it

another solution is to install phpsh — i wanted to do this for a long time since phpsh (the one from facebook) is awesome — probably will do it for next hackathon — would love to get back to the beloved phpsh — even more useful than php -a the interactive shell.


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