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The Yellow Admiral

Posted on: December 18, 2011

#18 of the series of Jack Aubrey/Steven Maturin. Feel very sad there are only two more full books to read. The book itself is a little different as most of the stories happen on land, which is a huge contrast to all the other books. The naval side of the life isn’t that plot-twisting either: a blockade with a boss who does not like you and erases your good and attaches evils you never did. Apart from a prize, which i think introduced here more for Jack to get back some money, instead of the natural development of things. Anyway, looking forward to read the next one.

While reading the book, I suddenly remembered my own first English book was about Napolean. I think I bought the book from a foreign language book store in Wudaokou. It must be an abridging version of some legitimate novel but I don’t know which was the original it was based on. I was only in my junior high, maybe eighth grade? But i was completely absorbed into the life story of Napolean (especially his love story of Katherine). I remember my excitement after reading the book, on the one side, it was a great story; on the other side, I realized that i had finished an English story with my meager command of the language but it felt like another door was opened and I can acquire other treasures as much as I want.

Nothing is more true than that feeling. Even today, I still feel a language is a key to treasure. Here is hope that I can be more motivated in my Spanish learning 🙂


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