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My Favorite Ingredients

Posted on: December 18, 2011

This is absolutely my favorite cookbook for the time being 🙂 I bought it because my favorite Japanese food blogger was recommending it. It did not fail to imprese me! Of all things, the book is organized by ingredients, such as vinegar, olive oil, apple, garlic and other food materials the author really likes. Well it turns out most of the list are my favorite ingredients too. So I started cooking before I finish the book, which is always a good sign of a cookbook. The author is the chef of a famous London restaurant. After I finish reading, I think she has a certain tendency to prepare for a flavorful meal, such as using roasted coriander and fennel seeds to begin, then tomatoes and onions to contribute. It is a very tasty way of cooking lots of things, such as chicken and seafood. So I think that is like the one thing I have summarized off her book.


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