Dependent Origination

The Wine-dark Sea

Posted on: December 11, 2011

I had to wait for the library to acquire two new copies of this book. But I totally delighted in being the first one reading a library book — almost made me feel the book would be mine 🙂

Story follows closely with the previous book Truelove. In fact the opening chase for the American privateer Franklin came right after the end of Truelove. I don’t know how Patrick O’brian studied his materials: his description of a night eruption of a underwater volcano captures everyone’s imagination and gives the book its title. Later into the journey through Peru, he describes the Andes with such details that it is an enjoyable read just to get to know the flora and fauna of the region.

Right after reading the book, I was surfing on a forum which collects everyone’s travel pictures — it is not as good as you think it would be — mostly due to the low quality pictures and the low quality trip reports — everything could be made so much better but they leave so much to be desired for. Pity. Anyway I still opened nearly 20 tabs reading the not-so-inspiring travelogues and I came across someone’s picture of coca leaves — I almost exclaimed: that is Steven Maturin’s coca leaves. So great to know it is still out there and maybe when I finally go there I can try them out myself!

The series has become a very nice travelogue, in addition to a great character study and a great social drama of England in the early 1800’s.


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