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I am coming back to C++ after nearly three years! How exciting 🙂 It feels a lot more professional — writing PHP always makes me feel like an amateur!

Upon returning, there are so many new goodies available, such as the sweet ‘auto’ keyword 🙂

Here is a stackoverflow post nicely (and succinctly) summarizes the current state of the new C++ standard. For people who are only interested in appearing like a C++ expert, you can just read it and be done 🙂

Here is the link to TR1, which is already integrated into the standard. Basically it lists the header files for all the newly added classes, such as shared_ptr (from boost) and function objects. To read about why these classes are added to the standard and what problem they are trying to solve, check out State of C++ Evolution. It lists all the proposal papers under the new feature names. Current version (n2869).  Past version (for TR1 n2364).

C++0x is the new proposal which is expected to be approved now. A wiki article describes what is in it. For each new feature, it briefly explains why it is introduced. So if you don’t have the time to read the original proposal paper, the wiki article is a very good replacement.



相较而言就普通了 看起来也不起眼 不过味道还可以的 春天有点不应景  秋冬更合时


这个太好吃了 以前抄过韭菜豆芽 也很好吃 但是我觉的这个搭配更好吃 因为韭菜味道更重 但是 leek的清香则刚刚好 现在已经是豆芽的首选吃法

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