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GD library lose EXIF data during resizing

Posted on: April 27, 2011


1。 GD (不管是GD1还是GD2) library 在resize an image的时候不retain the EXIF data from the original image.

2。如果想retain EXIF during resize, 用image magic

3。mobile safari respects EXIF while most desktop browsers (webkit ones and firefox and ie) do not respect EXIF data.

4。this means, you have to rotate your own image.

5。there are two places you can rotate: on the camera or on the server.

6。android seems to have library calls to rotate the data directly off the camera sensor while i don’t seem to find similar calls for iphone.

7。so, the conclusion: rotate your image on the server for iphone so that those images will display in the correct orientation.


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