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Post Captain, H.M.S. Surprise

Posted on: March 17, 2011

Aubrey/Maturin Series 2 and 3

两本虽然放在一起写,但是并不是说他们不重要,两本都好看死了。看了Post captain, 就觉得这么好看了下一本还能更好看吗。结果下一本真的就更好看了。我的天哪。 现在我看完了三本,尤其是这两本,心里又想,还能比这两本更好看吗?we will see!

Now i am having great interest in Patrick O’Brian, 还去看了他的wiki page, 也是一个很有故事的人啊。单说他三十岁第二次结婚的时候改名然后扔掉了自己前面的literary reputation,然后隐居法国乡下四十年,专心研读写作,直到将近六十岁才声名再起。这个人对自己想要的东西喜欢什么能够做什么,相当清楚,从三十岁开始努力,不容易啊。不过同时这个生活质量,尤其是精神质量,那是相当的高了。什么都比不上一颗沉静下来的心啊。

随口乱说几句。平时碰到过非常不愿意从事software engineer的software engineer。I hope they are not reading this blog, hoho 🙂 他们都有口头禅:I wish I were doing something else。每次听到我都禁不住替他们难过。因为他们不知道自己想要什么。不知道珍惜自己的所有。没有智慧认识到凭什么相信自己的生活和精神状态换一个性质的工作就会改变呢?You will always be the same person, making the same choice. Why a different job would change the fact that you cannot appreciate what you already have? 如果觉得自己更适合做另外的工作,那么great, start changing it or start the preparation/plan so that you can change it, from the very moment you realize it. 又没有行动去改变,又要频繁抱怨的人真的是有点烦(对于我这个听众来说),对他们自己来说,you are wasting your life away,看着相当可惜:有这个时间干点儿什么不好呢,明明可以很positive的接受的东西,却偏偏要屡屡散发negative energy给自己,给别人。遇到只能忍着,所以只能这里吐槽了 🙂


3 Responses to "Post Captain, H.M.S. Surprise"

我觉得那些干不喜欢的工作的人有的还是比较令人同情的,看他们的出发点是什么。我现在就常常觉得到了我这个年纪,很难又追求自己喜欢的生活又承担起对家庭(主要是父母)的责任。当然这个某种程度上也归咎于早些年没有往这方面规划。最近听了几个一心追求理想,什么别的都不想的人的故事,结果我每次都是一听完就很杀风景地问,“他以什么为生?” :-p 不过postive attitude 还是很重要的。其实大部分受过高等教育的人还是智商很高,生活不差,也没什么灾难和疾病的人,这些人要是还不高兴,那可让全世界90%的人怎么活呢!:-p

it is mostly about the attitude. if you are not satisfied with your current life, then change it. if you have reasons that you think you cannot change it, then accept it. why staying in a less satisfied situation without any efforts to change it other than complaining about it?

i don’t get it at all. for me, the people i met have similar reasons not to change their professions: money. they stay in an engineer’s position but want to do graphics designer’s job. they complain why they should be fixing bugs while they have this talent of design or whatever (in truth their tastes are often horrible :P). they want both the money of the engineer and the supposedly ease of work for a graphic designer. i think they are just greedy and want everything.

if there are reasons for you so that you cannot change professions, for example, the money. then there are two obvious solutions: 1. adjust living standard of your own so that you would have enough to cover self and family; 2. just please love your job because it is providing you with the most difficult thing to acquire in this world: money.

it is really a personal choice. but every time people complain about their jobs, especially the repeated complainers, i think they are wasting their life not to pursuing the dream they think they have, or they are wasting their life in negative attitudes while they can enjoy the financial freedom their jobs give them.

on a separate note, i do think at least you have to like your job, if not love it. it is such a pity that people don’t like their job and have to stay in it. or should i say people cannot change their attitude towards their job.

a job takes at least 8-10 hours a day. that is one third of an entire day. more than half of the waking hours. if you don’t like half of your waking hours, how horrible it is for each day. imagine given long years, what such negative emotions/energies can do to your entire state of being.

i am a strong proponent that you should love your job. if you don’t, change it. if you cannot change it, love it.

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