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svn checkout svn://somepath@1234 working-directory

1. turn it off (since sometimes it is highlighting in bright red and you cannot see anything behind the highlighting)

:syntax off

2. how to see which filetype is the current file (since sometimes the highlight is weird because vi cannot tell what is the file type purely by its extension)

:set filetype

if it shows filetype= then vim cannot tell what type it is

you can set the type manually by :set filetype=filetype

3. to figure out what types are available, you can go to the vim runtime directory and look for the syntax directory

in my installation the direction is /usr/share/vim/vim72/syntax

4. how to figure out what runtime path is on your system

:set runtimepath?

5. this page explains some basics on syntax highlighting

6. this page is the official vim documentation page for syntax command

7. I still see red highlight where i don’t want it (for example, for the apache config files)


can see the current highlight settings

so it is for errors? needs to follow up on how I can get rid of those things.

[have tried to set the filetype to be apache but in addition to the apache highlight, red still shows up]


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