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Posted on: December 19, 2010

搬家前一个星期不幸确诊为肺炎。当时已经发烧了三天多,不得已星期天去了医院。只有急诊可以看。大夫说当天没有radiologist可以看我的x-ray, 所以要周一才能最后确定是不是肺炎,她说她看起来没有什么问题。但是有一个小pocket有点可疑。我想怎么可能呢。她给了我五天的抗生素,和prescription的咳嗖水,说回家休息就可以了。


But what was killing me was not the fever, though it did contribute a lot to the miserableness once it was over 38C. The coughs were so violent that every time I cough I see sparks. And there were so many side effects coming with the violent coughing, for example, vomiting and uncontrollable stomach muscle movements. It was horrible.

We closed the house and did the final walk through right before I fell sick. In fact, the final walk through was the final trigger since i was wearing a single layer while the temperature dropped to the 40s and we walked around the house and the community for nearly two hours. But that still cannot explain why I would contract pneumonia. It could end up being just a cold but it did not. I think overworking is probably more likely to be the underlying reason.

Anyway, pneumonia has its own course and moving in the middle of it did not help. I was probably operating under adrenaline during the moving weekend. I thought I was getting better and I even went to work on Monday. However, on Tuesday things got significantly worse that i had to go straight to the hospital upon waking up to do a breathing treatment. The breathing treatment did a lot more immediate damage but I had been warned. Overtime it did help a great deal. Over the next day or two I almost had the impression that I was well.

At the hospital, the doctor inquired about my doings and warned me that i had to go bed rest for the next week. She told me do you know people can die from pneumonia? If you got it in the 20s or 30s it would be a death sentence.

Ok, i got the message so I stayed in bed mostly for the Thanksgiving holiday and refrained from most of the housework and cleaning and organizing etc.

It turned out that to recover from pneumonia, rest is the only thing you can do, except antibiotics for a prolonged period. I ended up having a prescription of antibiotics for 15 days. The cough syrup is only helping to abstain the violent coughing but it does introduce other problems such as short of breath etc.

The other thing I can do is to eat well. It is said you need very good nutrition (such as protein) to recover from pneumonia. I am not sure about this point. Since I am the cook, we stopped making food in our house since i got sick. We dined out for two to three weeks. I did not have much of an appetite for most of those times.

Anyway, I turned out to be a textbook case that the bacteria stayed in my system for two weeks and at a little past two weeks, I finally can get up every day and declare I have the stamina to move about.

The treatment will stop at the end of the two+ weeks but it is said fatigue will stay for another month. Apparently it is true in my case again.

Unfortunately I did not have the luck to rest any more after the two+ weeks so I am still a bit wonky at this point. Not exactly in the strengths but in the appearance. It is amazing when you are sick what can happen to you. For example, now I have doubled the amount of freckles on my face and my skin tones are on the yellowish side, while my old skin tones, when I was healthy, would be on the white and pinkish side.

It is all fate in the end whether I can change all the things that have changed because of the illness but just a reminder that being healthy is the number one most important thing and everything else is all optional.

I did not find many things online for how to care for pneumonia. If I did find them later, I will add in.


2 Responses to "肺炎"

Thanks for sharing. Hope you are feeling a lot better now.

Thanks Xiaolong~ Yes I am a lot better only need to get back to normal life now.

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