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(7:40pm December 29th, 2010) had a great workout this morning, possibly the best of the year. The sense of slowly coming back together is super.

(9:19pm December 23rd, 2010) is starting the holiday in the right mood. Getting off work early, shopping for housewarming #1 tomorrow and coming home to find a big box from Anthropologie waiting. Happy.

(8:32pm December 19th, 2010) What joy it is when every piece of incoming mail contains a refund check. Four of them. Yay! 🙂

(10:12am December 13th, 2010) commuted to work today from Las Vegas and arrived earlier than usual.

(6:30pm December 3rd, 2010) If yearly revenue is indeed 2 billion, 6 billion is actually a deal! Rock on Groupon~

(10:41am November 21st, 2010) The new house rules! 🙂 Three years and three accepted offers later, I am glad we finally moved into our own house and the wait seems all worth it.

(11:47am November 20th, 2010) is finally taking a breather now that there is nothing to pack. The apartment is revealing itself as the movers work at it. Cannot believe how much stuff there is. With four movers, it is still unlikely to finish even loading on the three hour mark.

(4:05pm November 15th, 2010) Huh? Pneumonia? Now that is great.

(8:21pm November 9th, 2010) Is writing the last payment check for the car.

(10:54am October 25th, 2010) on page 350 of 600 of Too Big to Fail, by Andrew Ross Sorkin

(7:01pm October 15th, 2010) is walking into dusk and chilly autumnal air feeling the sense of relaxation spread after a productive week.

(9:11pm September 30th, 2010) The joy of learning: do you know adding -x to /bin/sh can make your buggy shell script spit out tons of interesting information?

(10:15pm September 22nd, 2010) 明月几时有?把酒问青天。不知天上宫阙,今夕是何年。我欲乘风归去,又恐琼楼玉宇,高处不胜寒。起舞弄清影,何似在人间! 转朱阁,低绮户,照无眠。不应有恨,何事长向别时圆?人有悲欢离合,月有阴晴圆缺,此事古难全。但愿人长久,千里共婵娟。 At the end of a long day, 祝大家中秋快乐!Thanks Jing Liang where I copied this status from 🙂

(11:50am September 18th, 2010) I saved two duck legs Thursday night in the fridge and now there is only one left. No one admitted they saw let alone ate it. Where is the other duck leg? Liar? Sleepwalker? Mass is not conserved any more? Mars people landing overnight?

(10:12pm September 4th, 2010) Did I just dine with David Schwimmer at Din Tai Fung? (At separate tables:) Still in doubt after quite some googling. Who is a younger looking Schwimmer with teenage girl fans? Anyone knows?

(1:29pm August 14th, 2010) Should I renew my Flickr account? Decision time…

(5:50pm June 30th, 2010) All this time i have been thinking that there seems only two users on the shared development server I use at work and how great it is. Now the answer is out: everyone else has already moved and these servers are going to die tonight. Rsyncing.

(8:42pm June 20th, 2010) “Come away, O human child! To the waters and the wild With a faery, hand in hand, For the world’s more full of weeping than you can understand.”

(11:01pm June 1st, 2010) felt like winning lottery when there was not a single ticket on the car at 11pm, when she just remembered she meant to move the car after a meeting at 9am.

(8:50pm May 19th, 2010) is living vicariously through mom’s updates on grandma’s prognosis. It is terrible to be old and sick. Wish I could be around and help. Would have been easier for everyone involved.

(7:10pm May 7th, 2010) 君要臣死,臣facebook. Have a good weekend~

(11:24am April 24th, 2010) just read Foursquare as foreclosure.

(3:31pm April 21st, 2010) I want my Sephora likes show up in the Newsfeed. Why it is not there and only a mini-feed story.

(10:05am April 19th, 2010) Thanks Everyone for the birthday wishes. I hiked and overated, with friends. Had a great time. Wish everyday could be a birthday! Without the overeating part 🙂

(9:13pm April 14th, 2010) crisis averted! found 1099-INT from a pile of old mail!

(12:50pm April 3rd, 2010) is steeling herself to embrace a weekend of house cleaning, after an extra cup of milk tea and an extra hour of facebooking.

(11:36pm March 22nd, 2010) Should I be socially responsible or should i be goal oriented? Should I achieve end no matter means or should i pay attention to how i get there? It is my first day of using HiPal/Hive pondering whether to start a job on all partitions of a table. Never realized it would be such a soul-searching tool 🙂

(9:53pm March 14th, 2010) Isn’t it Daylight Saving Time? Daylight Savings Time makes me feel I should get some interest back on the hour I lose today.

(12:58pm March 2nd, 2010) is having one wisdom tooth pulled out this afternoon.

(11:03pm February 14th, 2010) Happy Chinese New Year from Beijing~ 祝大家身体健康 家庭幸福 工作顺利 虎年大吉~

(6:44pm February 7th, 2010) shopped like a headless chicken. A mountain of Centrum and chocolates later, my order of Chinese books already shipped to the parents’ house. That is the favorite part of home trip preparation!

(8:53pm February 3rd, 2010) My MBP just died, in the middle of me coding.

(12:57pm February 1st, 2010) Thanks Josef L. Desimone and Facebook Culinary Team. I had a fun day working in the kitchen. Culinary Intership FTW!

(11:39pm January 29th, 2010) is laughing out loud. Do you know Apple just bought iRobot and decided to rename Roomba to iSuck and Scooba iWet?

(9:38pm January 24th, 2010) My ER bill came at $2172.50, for a finger injury. They gave me X-ray but I still think that is a ridiculous number for about 20 minutes of the doctor’s time.

(10:49pm January 20th, 2010) 62

(2:08pm January 16th, 2010) is watching an Iphone being dissembled and a little worried whether it can be put back and still functioning.

(8:08pm January 9th, 2010) should i write (and notarize) a will? a 6.5 one just off California coast, the fourth one in three days…hmmm….

(12:00pm January 8th, 2010) another earthquake! what is going on?

(6:27pm January 7th, 2010) started the day waking up by an earthquake and now is trying to think of a catchy color name to post. Maybe some tamales will help.

辣手神探是周润发早期还在小马哥之前的电影,还挺好看的,有点血腥,不知道小时候看警匪枪战片都是怎么看过来的。结尾非常cheesy, 让观众的心里好受一点吧。



好了终于最后一张了。 我很怀念家里爸爸炸的小黄鱼。这里再小的黄鱼也有手掌大,而且冰冻的,没有人给我清理,还要自己刮鳞开膛,我经常因为不愿意干(其实是不会干)而不买。类似大小的,就是这个smelt了。看上它好久了,终于买回家炸炸看。还可以,可以吃。一定要挤些柠檬汁上去,不然腥。


常做的鸡汤有很多种,这个算是外国式的,当然香菇是我加的:) 好吃的很,香得很。 拍成品拍不好,只好拍原料了。这个汤在西餐中算是最常见的打底的汤吧。fresh choice里面那些chicken noodles什么的就是这个煮出来的,我想啊:)





这个是做了十几年的汤了,但是却是第一次排照片。 我觉得汤汤水水的照片呢,就是汤汤水水要装得少一点,不然会反光,而且都是那个颜色,你也看不出来区别。





很可惜忘记把白平衡调回来了。其实挺好吃的,但是可能一碗里面装多了,有点一大砣的样子。我不大会照有汤汤水水的东西。所以至今也没有什么汤的照片。虽然我做的汤种类可多了 🙂


这个也好吃啊。是个relatively比较常吃的汤。 我冬天的最爱就是外面很冷我在家里吃白菜豆腐汤。 这个东西外面不够冷就体会不出来它的好吃:)



这个如果评年度最好吃的东西肯定会上榜的! 做是因为到亲戚家吃饭,他们做了这个,但是塞的是鱼浆,所以做好了以后好像鱼丸似的。我吃得不过瘾,回家就塞了猪肉。还是猪肉馅儿好吃啊。就是塞起来相当的费时间。塞完一包油豆腐,大概要花一个小时十分钟的样子。当然我塞得很满,很实成,很有爱的。 🙂


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