Dependent Origination


Posted on: September 27, 2010

挺好看的。终于看到一个中国电影在explore一个morally heavy topic and with surprising emotional depth。好多对话都很精到,反映很多很多没有说出来的东西。和精品还有一定距离。觉得编剧都后来变弱了。其实还不如不span that many years, but just focus ten years or so, just the years when the daughter is coming of age and how she struggles with her feeling of self. that can be a lot more powerful than now. of course it is still a very moving movie, with me crying almost from beginning to the end. But the later part greatly dilutes the emotional thickness of the feature and I think it should be re-thought through.

觉得冯小刚蛮厉害的,而且越来越good at making a movie. So much better than Zhang Yimou, whom I totally feel at his end of career and creativity, at least for movies. In contrast, I am looking forward to the movies Feng Xiaogang can churn out in the future. He is still on the rise.


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