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Spring Snow

Posted on: May 30, 2010

三岛由纪夫的sea of fertility三部曲的第一部。三岛写的时候就说三部曲写完他就没必要活下去了。后来他早上将最后定稿的第三部交到编辑部,然后就到某个会馆里面切腹自杀了。自杀的过程十分痛苦和漫长,不过最后终于死了。我才知道原来切腹自杀是要有助手的,切完腹之后,要由助手把脑袋砍下来才死的。三岛同学挑的这个助手不幸砍了好久都没把他的头砍下来,后来又来了一个人,才搞定。很血腥吧,日本人太变态了。


The author writes in deceptively simple language and with a straightforward story. There is not much subplots or several narratives meeting together revealing a mystery. He depicts a world from the point of view of two wealthy teenagers who are on the brink of becoming man and reining in their passions for higher purposes. The world he describes is charming, with the traditional life style and beauty. The characters live on the whim of themselves and with no responsibilities. The latter half is better than the earlier half because of the tension is better played and therefore draws in the readers more. Yet under the hood there are powerful forces that are driving each one forward and sometimes (or shall I say most times) to tragic endings.

If we back out of the book the author’s story itself follows a similar path. He writes about such classic Japanese beauties and commits a horrible suicide himself. It is not like he writes violent and graphical dramas. He writes simple and pure stories. So the entire thing about Japan is that it is so conflicting and therefore so intriguing.


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The suicide part sounds very very scary…

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