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Tamarine, Just Koi (华之鲤)

Posted on: December 29, 2009

My computer is acting up…it is driving me crazy…why everything has to be so slow and unresponsive? Writing English is certainly a more computer-friendly approach to a sane life.

Tamarine is the other Vietnamese-fusion restaurant in Palo Alto. I have loved Three seasons and have been there multiple times. In comparison, Tamarine is a more upscale, more formal version of Three Seasons. I don’t exactly like the food because it was consistently sweeter than my preference across the board, from the soup to the entrees. Three Seasons is a definitely better choice both in terms of price and taste.

Just Koi is at the Ulferts Square in Dublin. We were driving back from the north and wanted to explore restaurants which we don’t normally go because of the distance. I haven’t read much about Chinese restaurants lately and a few clicks made me realize there is an Ulferts Square and so that became our destination. Upon arriving about 6:30pm on a Sunday night, Just Koi had the most people inside its store eating. It did not disappoint at all. It seems it is the tea cafe offshoot ff Koi Palace, a restaurant I am in absolute love. The design is rather efficient with everything with us complaining about the chair most. You don’t even have a chair back to fall back on. The food is what I would expect from a Hong Kong style tea cafe: casual, fast and delicious. After days in a remote corner of Oregon, I finally felt like I was eating real food 🙂


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