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The Reader’s Companion to Mexico

Posted on: November 20, 2009

还行,是一个很好的starting point. The editor did a good job of picking out essays over the past a hundred and fifty years, with authors as famous as D.H. Lawrence and John Steinbeck. However, it was the anthropologists’ writing that attracted me the most. This little girl Olivia is an intriguing story. I wonder what happened to her later. I wonder how her life turned out to be. Never realized that tortilla would be someone or an entire family’s only food. Sadly the book is sold out or out of print on Amazon. It is an old book. I hope one day I can come across it.

Another interesting point is reading about what people had to say about the same place over the years. For example, someone in late 1800s was complaining that Taxco was becoming touristry. The same sentiment was echoed in a later essay in 1950s. They apparently all couldn’t imagine what a modern day tourist industry really looks like. Imagine them going to Taxco right now. Or Cancun. The reality can only be exceeding their wildest expectations. Humans are really bad at thinking exponentially. Previous examples all have some math flavor. In fact, it fits societal development too.


3 Responses to "The Reader’s Companion to Mexico"

heh, just remembered that I’ve got this book but haven’t read it yet…

i am reading yours ah…

blush, we need a database for borrowed books… 😀

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