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I started from mid July. Finally finished the last book last night. A lot has happened during this summer. And I would remember it by which harry potter book i was reading at the time. For example, Prisoner of Azkaban and Half Blood Prince will instantly recall a lot of emotional struggles on my part.

Of the seven books, I love Prisoner of Azkaban, whose pace and continued suspension of plots kept me on my toes most of the time. In contrast, Deathly Hallow is finished mostly because I want to know what happened in the end. To the less patient, you can skip the entire book and just read the last few chapters indeed.

I wanted to read HP about the time the fourth book (Goblet of Fire) was about to come out. I must still be in graduate school then. The decision to postpone until all is available was made soon though,since all the reviews were saying Rowling is a plot master. And it would kill me to wait for a plot novel to finish 🙂

A small anecdote:I read Goblet of Fire and Order of Phoenix while traveling in Utah. Especially one of the minor characters in Goblet of Fire is named Frank Bryce while I was reading the book late night at Bryce City Utah. Order of Phoenix was read during a boat trip on Lake Powell, near Page Arizona.

The series is very entertaining. The thing that strikes me most is the story of Snape in the end. That is some emotional blow! It came back again and again after i put down the book and i cannot stop admiring the power of love, desire and longing, especially unfulfilled ones.

Other than that, there were times of feeling and touching but the strength lies at the careful design of another parallel world, as all successful legends have done.

Another interesting point is about Inferi. It looks so much like the Chinese series 鬼吹灯. Similar tricks must have happened in the history for a cross-language/culture reference.

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