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女人不坏是周迅的一个电影,还可以。七龙珠很没意思,浪费时间型。An officer and a gentleman是richard gere年轻时候的片子。还行。青年励志型。



8/29 sfo -> las vegas, drive to zion national park, stay at terrace brook lodge, reconnaissance at what we would do the next few days

8/30 angel’s landing, after late lunch, cool drinks and showering and napping, explore smaller spots of zion, such as weeping rock and emerald pool

8/31 narrows (a full day)

9/1 drive from zion to bryce, stopping at random places along the way, explore a few spots of bryce, such as rainbow point

9/2 horseback riding inside bryce (mostly peek-a-boo trail), after late lunch, showering, laundrying, and napping, go out at sunset for other spots in bryce

9/3 drive to page arizona…grand stair escanlante is a beautiful place…big thunderstorm…

9/4 glen canyon dam tour in the morning, rainbow bridge boat tour in the afternoon, really nice dinner at this mexican restaurant, the only restaurant that is worth recommending for the entire trip…

9/5 antelope canyon tour at 11:30am, after lunch horseshoe bend, then drive to las vegas…spent midnight to wee hours walking around las vegas….

9/6 drive around in vegas in the morning…there is nothing to do at vegas during day time!…walking around vegas again…ate at roku…very nice place…fly back to sfo night…

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  • Style Transfer is fun! TensorFlow rocks! #WTM17 7 months ago
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