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I watched an early screening of the documentary last night. The director RJ Cutler was having a Q&A with the audience in the end. I enjoyed the movie. I went with a full picture of what I think Anna Wintour would be like and I left with a totally different image. I don’t think she is mean any more. I think she is focused and straightforward and not exactly accessible for people she does not need to be accessible to. But she also helps those that can use her help and she is a very capable person also.

My Vogue subscription stopped years ago, when my fashion passion died down and realized what is more important in life 🙂 But the September issue left me with deep impression. It was so thick and heavy. I remember i always picked it up from my department mailbox and threw it on the backseat of myold car. And then leafed through it before sleep. It is nice to see how the issue is put together. They worked eight months on it. To think of it, the work started in January!


August 2009
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  • couldn't get over the jetlag, sleeping during the day from seven to four, for days. 9 months ago
  • is emptying trash and happily discovering the available disk space now ranks at 100G+. 11 months ago

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