Dependent Origination


Posted on: June 23, 2009


This is a book that needs a little patience. I decide to go back and read the poems if I find myself back to the bookshelf. Other than that, the letters are engaging and it is very admirable that Byatt creates so much material, Victorian letters, poems and diaries, to illustrate her characters. It really draws people in. Every letter, poem or diary gives vivid impression about the person behind it. The fact that they are actually all written by a single person someitmes escapes my mind. I would have thought they were all real artifacts. In truth, I had to double check to make sure the famous Victorian poet the story revolves around was not a real historical figure.

The story is two fold: one love story in Victorian times, disguised in manners and letters; another love story in the current times, hidden behind insecurities, fear of rejection and yet-to-be-acquired ability to be happy. It is hard to say who is luckier.

Another thing that is touching me is the many observations littered around the book. Here and there, something about love. Some other things about obsession. About writing or becoming a poet. I have loved a collection of short stories by her: The Little Black Book of Stories. I will keep reading her. She is fascinating.

I finished reading The Little Black Book of Stories in the shopping center near my university, during my visit back to the school while preparing for my thesis defense. It was a Shanghai restaurant newly moved closer to the school. I think after the lunch i walked around the shopping center and discovered a yarn store. In fact, I used to live very close to the shopping center for my last year and walked to the public library while it was temporarily there. There would be so many tiny little details coming up about my past life and I cannot stop.

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