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Posted on: June 21, 2009


I love Art of Eating. Fisher is a warmhearted writer that makes you wanna meet her in person. So I picked up this book on the used book sale of Palo Alto Public Library. Come to think of it, that was more than a year ago!

It is not very clear whether this is a work of fiction or a collection of essays. From the introduction it sounded like an artistic recreation of the old people that had inspired Fisher in some way. However, the reading experience is more like a scattered memoir of sorts.

True the line between fiction and biography could be vague. The recent scandal of A Million Little Pieces tells us that some readers can accept a work of art just as art even when they were lied to while others expect different level of emotional involvement for novels and biography. Would James Frey become a bestselling author had he told the truth about his work? That would be a question that needs an alternative time and space system to answer.

Even in the case when the author, or anyone, claims they are writing about their own experiences. Can we trust them? One thing, our fellow homo sapiens are fully capable of, is to refuse to accept the reality. The ensuing struggle fills so many pages of great literature gems. Therefore claiming truth or true to reflections is a dubious effort at best.

Anyway I have digressed enough from talking about this particular book. I think I am going to stick to her food writing, not other literary aspirations 🙂

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