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megan fox确实非常hot, 但是很多joke太明显了。有点没意思。


这个是五月中的时候去的。大概是morel season的尾声的样子。去的是tahoe national forest,在emerald gap路边一个很大的campground camp了一个晚上。大家白天去采蘑菇,晚上回来cooking competition! 着实有几个非常hardcore的cook,那个炉子非常的先进。大家做了chicken pasta with morels, lamb morel risotto,等等。最好吃的是最后那个grilled morels。 当时吃的时候有点失望,觉得这就是大家赞不绝口的morel吗。后来回家重新做了一下,当然还调整了一下自己的期望,那morel还是很好吃的,非常juicy,有点甜,有的时候最后有点苦,口感层次很丰富的说。

morel呢,都是在前一年的森林大火之后才会长。所以要知道明年去哪里找,今年就要盯着森林大火都烧到哪里了。然后找的时候呢,注意山涧啊的走势什么的,因为有moisture, 就会有morel。 每次我们下车都是在附近走走,其实没有走多远的说。一个是在哪里下车的问题,一个是下了车往哪里走的问题。两个问题都很难回答,基本上都是经验问题,我认为。比方说有人,他开着开着车,就说我看见morel了。 要知道morel大概就是像个小指头那么大,开车看见,那是什么眼神儿!

虽然走得不远,但是一个是坡儿很陡,一个是来回来去的走,一个是那个周末正好是个heat wave weekend, 所以热,体力消耗很快。第二天都走不动了。回来也疼了好几天。

这个是四月份去的了。从来没有这么早出去过camping.  所以带了两个睡袋。其实没有那么冷啦。不过一个可能还是会有点冷的说。

big sur已经去过三次了。但是还是次次都有惊喜。比方说这次的天气特别的好。比方说那个julia pfeiffer big sur的瀑布吧,去了三次,以前从来没觉得有这么好看过。天气非常好,海水的颜色特别丰富。从翡翠到湛蓝几乎每个hue/shade都存在,是一种让人很难形容的美丽。

然后我们的highlight就是到一个海边的泡温泉的地方,在full moon下面,对着亘古不变的悬崖峭壁和来还有去从来没有停止过的海浪。真是一个非常特别,非常mesmerizing experience。 这个泡澡的地方是个非常hippy的地方。esalen institute. 是个连吃带住还有很多spiritually related entertainments的地方。平时都是开放给paying guests的。温泉只在半夜一点之后才开放给大众。然后一共有两场,一点到三点,三点到五点两场。网站上只有前面一场,但是我们去了,后面好像还有一场的说。

吃吃喝喝的事情就不提了。自然是大头加重点了。另外去的时候因为去年的大火,很多state park都没有开。不过听说现在已经又开了。这个周末好几个同事就去那个sykes hot springs。看他们回来是什么评价了吧。

这次还是回到了kirk creek, 海边的campground. 非常赞。让人想坐在椅子上面对大海呆一整天。隔壁的campsite大家在做yoga. 年轻人个个都很灵活,仿佛instructors的样子。


This is a book that needs a little patience. I decide to go back and read the poems if I find myself back to the bookshelf. Other than that, the letters are engaging and it is very admirable that Byatt creates so much material, Victorian letters, poems and diaries, to illustrate her characters. It really draws people in. Every letter, poem or diary gives vivid impression about the person behind it. The fact that they are actually all written by a single person someitmes escapes my mind. I would have thought they were all real artifacts. In truth, I had to double check to make sure the famous Victorian poet the story revolves around was not a real historical figure.

The story is two fold: one love story in Victorian times, disguised in manners and letters; another love story in the current times, hidden behind insecurities, fear of rejection and yet-to-be-acquired ability to be happy. It is hard to say who is luckier.

Another thing that is touching me is the many observations littered around the book. Here and there, something about love. Some other things about obsession. About writing or becoming a poet. I have loved a collection of short stories by her: The Little Black Book of Stories. I will keep reading her. She is fascinating.

I finished reading The Little Black Book of Stories in the shopping center near my university, during my visit back to the school while preparing for my thesis defense. It was a Shanghai restaurant newly moved closer to the school. I think after the lunch i walked around the shopping center and discovered a yarn store. In fact, I used to live very close to the shopping center for my last year and walked to the public library while it was temporarily there. There would be so many tiny little details coming up about my past life and I cannot stop.

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I love Art of Eating. Fisher is a warmhearted writer that makes you wanna meet her in person. So I picked up this book on the used book sale of Palo Alto Public Library. Come to think of it, that was more than a year ago!

It is not very clear whether this is a work of fiction or a collection of essays. From the introduction it sounded like an artistic recreation of the old people that had inspired Fisher in some way. However, the reading experience is more like a scattered memoir of sorts.

True the line between fiction and biography could be vague. The recent scandal of A Million Little Pieces tells us that some readers can accept a work of art just as art even when they were lied to while others expect different level of emotional involvement for novels and biography. Would James Frey become a bestselling author had he told the truth about his work? That would be a question that needs an alternative time and space system to answer.

Even in the case when the author, or anyone, claims they are writing about their own experiences. Can we trust them? One thing, our fellow homo sapiens are fully capable of, is to refuse to accept the reality. The ensuing struggle fills so many pages of great literature gems. Therefore claiming truth or true to reflections is a dubious effort at best.

Anyway I have digressed enough from talking about this particular book. I think I am going to stick to her food writing, not other literary aspirations 🙂

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Posted on: June 20, 2009


It is cool to read a real thriller that is based on entirely possible, totally logical construction of a near future where distributed computing goes amok.

The author himself is a system analyst and DBA. So you will find the descriptions of hacking fairly accurate. Moreover, i feel the scenario he describes can come true any day now. This is not a fiction about time or space travel. It is not about computers, somehow , gaining awareness or conciousness.  Human brains are still behind the computers. This makes the book such a fascinating read.

Thanks Julie who recommends this book to me. Even though I had already picked the books during my jobless days at the time. I still started it right after my new job and spent some precious sleep time to finish it. It is a huge hit inside Google. I am sure it is gonna be big in, at least, Sillicon Valley 🙂

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