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Posted on: May 31, 2009



Anyway, i finally read this book on my flight back to China. I have loved Jhumpa Lahiri for a long time. Her debut book, the Interpreters of Maladies, was absolutely dazzling. I had the good luck of reading it when it first came out in 2000 and fell instant love with the writer. Her insight into everyday life and the human interactions makes reading such a pleasure. Even though she writes mostly about immigrants from the India subcontinent, the experiences of her antagonists really resonate with all people, such as me, who is stuck between a life familar but frozen in time and a life ongoing but never can belong to.

Here is a better review of her Interpreter book on nytimes. A friend just shared it on facebook.

Namesake, in contrast, is a little bland. However, if it is your first Lahiri book, i suspect you would feel otherwise. Another friend, who is ABC, thoroughly enjoyed the book (Namesake). The book tells the story of the son of an immigrant family, from birth to adulthood. It especially covers the soul and identity searching period of adolescency and young adulthood.

The plot is a little predictable. The characters are a little made as needed (I am talking about Maxine and her family). The trying, from the author’s side, to reveal her theme, is too hard. I think the author can do a better job.

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2 Responses to "Namesake"

i assume you’re talking about the built-in WP editor in dashboard “edit post”… hehe if you think that’s good, try Windows Live Writer…

it supports all blogging services (not huaren though) and is what I personally find to be the best editor for blog posts of all kinds (insert imgs, quotes, etc etc).

I like Interpreter too. Namesake has been sitting on my shelf for a looong time now. Somehow I find myself attracted to non-fictions (esp biographies) much more than fictions recently…

I am reading it (very slowly) now! Still at the earlier chapters. I like its style so far.

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