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V for Vendetta, The Fall

Posted on: January 14, 2009


V for Vendetta 是个很好看的电影. First of all, V speaks in such eloquent language and so precisely to the point that you cannot help staring at him in admiration 🙂 When he showed up and introduced himself in such a long sentence with 40 something words beginning with v, other people might feel he is so conceited but I feel so intrigued and cannot wait to look for his line on imdb to remember all those words 🙂

The message is very very powerful, though it certainly does not sound very original. I suspect it is from a long western tradition of political discussion of anarchic and totalitarian governments. Makes me feel like reading 1984.

The Fall

It is a very visually pleasing movie experience if you have blue-ray players. The color is absolutely stunning. The frames are shoot in such clean lines and simple compositions that their visual impact is hard to miss.

Except that I cannot get into the story and could not even finish the movie. I heard from friends who absolutely love this movie that I missed a lot 🙂


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