Dependent Origination

Thelma and Louise

Posted on: October 3, 2008


i really love this movie. True to name, it is a feminist movie to every bit.
I find the ensemble of dispicable male characters very entertaining. Men are so useless in life 😉 They are either machoistic husbands who only care about themselves, or boyfriends who lose the ability to love and to commit, or handsome drifters who take advantage of your softness. They may appear brave and maculine. But they will do anything possible to beg you if their lives are endangered. Or they impose their fantasies on you because they think they can get away with anything. It is a very interesting depiction of all the males a woman meets during her lifetime.
My heartfelt thanks go to the director which ends the movie at an upward thrust, and never shows us the consequence. It feels like a video game where the heroines can restart at any time. Talk about hope.


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