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Posted on: October 3, 2008


First things first, Welcome Everyone~ Feel free to leave comments or argue. Or let me know what you think. A couple bricks won’t do any harm 😉
This blog remained fairly anonymous for three years. I personally told a handful of friends and they come here often and it is a really good way to remain in touch. It makes the periodic catch-up phone calls so much easier.
However, recently, for some reason, which i am not sure what happened, news about the existence of this blog is spreading. Close friends called or wrote to me about it. Needless to say it was surprising to both parties. They got upset because they heard of my blog from people they barely know. I was upset because I realize i cannot control my readership. But I have no one to blame for.
The decision to share is mine. (The benefits of sharing, such as making blogger friends, are all mine too 😉 But I can control what I share. There was not much personal matters on this blog to begin with. It is more about those unnecessary parts of a life. Those parts that I can live without but will miss dearly. If I have time, I would strive for better writing. But I don’t usually have much time. So the blog is more like my extended memory. It is, in one of the readers’ words, more like notes.
I am fine and happy with the way this blog is. However, knowing there are more people coming here, some are friends and some are aquaintances, would definitely change how I write about certain things. I hope the change is minumum.
By this point, i hope it is apparent that this is all about me, not you;) Everyone, no matter whether I know you or not, you are always welcome here. In the end, everyone who writes wants their voices heard, including me. Having a three-year-old blog obviously means I am fairly opinionated and having a lot to say 😉


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