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Harumi’s Japanese Home Cooking

Posted on: October 3, 2008


It is the second cookbook from Harumi Kurihara for the American market. I have purchased and reviewed her first one here. And here are two successful implementations of her  recipes: rice balls and tuna donburi. There have been attempts on other recipes from the book. None of them have reached a presentable criterion
I love this book too!
There are very interesting information in it. In terms of Japanese cooking technique, there is drop lid that i never paid attention to. I saw it before in China too but never realized it could be summarized as a cooking technique, not to mention a popular one in Japan.  I bought my long cooking chopsticks because of her first cookbook. I find it very handy, especially when frying smaller pieces of food, such as tofu. The drop lid seems not that significant, but I might still try it.
Another tip she gave is to take out the bean tip for sprouts. She claims it is gonna taste very differently. I am not sure. That seems to be such a time consuming process. But again, I might try it just to see if it makes any difference.
And when they make udon, they actually step on the dough to make its texture well. OMG 🙂
I would like to try a fair amount of recipes in the book, especially soup, tofu, vegetable part. And a couple very interesting desserts. The meat part is not that impressive, though the fish part always offers good dishes.


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