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Dark Knight, Batman Begins

Posted on: October 3, 2008


星期四的时候为了迎接dark knight的opening, 一个同事host了一个batman viewing night, 我们跑去看了一遍batman begins, 三年前的片子,讲的是batman怎么样开始和为什么要从事这么危险而且道德上面没有任何优势的职业。开始有点儿慢,有点儿不知所云。但是后来渐入佳境, 很多地方还是挺揪心的。结尾的时候很自然的引出了joker这个人物,让大家期待了三年。hoho。
电影非常好看。最然挺长的,但是从头到尾都揪着你,丝毫放松不来的。很多地方,尤其是heath ledger的joker, is so scary, so creepy, so sadistic。it was very hard to let it go at all. 看完电影,都两点多了,但是居然一点儿都不困,还上网找了半天plot summary, 因为我有几个地方有点confused, 但是谈到情节的文章非常少,所以只好还是用自己半半拉拉的解释搪塞过去了。
但是总之,this is not a summer movie at all. The plot and plot twists are well thought out, barring a few places 🙂 The dialogue is superb. I spent a long time thinking about Joker’s many statements, which touches upon very philosophical points on chaos, anarchy and human morality. In fact, i was absorbed each time Joker started talking in the movie. Heath Ledger was such a talented actor. It is sad to see him go at such an early age, when we can only imagine what brilliant roles, acting achievement he could be accumulating in a ripe old age.
People might say the death of Heath Ledger makes the movie special. Yes, it was his last performance, which makes the Brokeback mountain like a school project. But all the other aspects of the movie are nearly perfect, such as directing, editing and scripts. Not to mention an assemble of brilliant acting. When I first saw Maggie Gyllenhaal, I was thinking she is so much more ugly than Katie Holmes, who is an absolute cutie. But as the movie progressed, Gyllenhaal won over my heart. She is a much more capable actress than Holmes. Her Rachael has substance, while Holmes’ is a merely pretty girlfriend to decorate a macho movie.
Dark Knight could be the best movie of the year!


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