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Big Sur Camping Again

Posted on: October 3, 2008


we went to big sur to camp again two weeks ago. our trip to big sur last memorial day turned out to be a blast. the wild flowers blossoming on the cliff with waves crashing was a truly mesmerizing memory. this year, we decided to go two weeks earlier than last year so that we could catch the peak of the wild flower season in big sur.
sadly we were wrong. obviously different weather pattern made the wild flower season rather unpredictable. we were at the same place as last year, but the flower season was surely to end soon. also, the flower growth was not as vibrant as last year. i guess nature has its own way of governing. any attempt to calculate its course is doomed to fail.
anyway, we camped at the pfeiffer big sur state park campground and had a good time camping. the campground is huge, with at least 100 campsites. there is even group campsites available, where a group of people can camp in a bigger site. it looks a lot of fun!
on the second day we visited point lobos again. the overcast sky and low hanging clouds made point lobos so much prettier than our last visit. we hiked the south shore trail to bird island and then back to the entrance. this time we did not drive our car into the park. instead, we parked along route 1, which saved about nine bucks parking fee. heehee 😉


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