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6/9 & 6/16 New Yorker

Posted on: October 3, 2008


Now it is my turn to write about a New Yorker issue. For some reason I opened this issue all by myself, which is no small wonder, since I often only read the articles other people have been talking about in their blogs. But, this time I opened it on my own and discovered such a gem 🙂
This issue is a short stories collection. To list the contributors, there is Vladimir Nabokov (through his son), Haruki Murakami, and Annie Proulx. What a list 🙂 Nabokov’s story is from his leftover documents and his son translated it into English. Haruku’s piece is actually not fictional work. He is talking about how he can run every day and likens his attitude to running to his creative writing process. Annie Proulx is going to publish a new collection of Wyoming stories and I cannot wait for it to come out!
Of all New Yorker articles, I love their short stories the most. However, none of those on this issue left as deep marks as some others in the past. But it is still very enjoyable reads. I finished the issue, like, within three days, with a busy working schedule.
So dive in 🙂


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