Dependent Origination


Posted on: September 30, 2008


Kathy recommended this book to me. It is about a love story happend inside a circus during the Depression. I started the book on my flight from San Francisco to Beijing and finished during those sleepless hours of a jet lag. It is a great book and I love it.
I think there is a formula for a fiction work to succeed. Having an exotic setting as a travelling circus counts as half of it Sara Gruen does a brilliant job of researching her era and the inner workings of a circus at the time. Not only the book separates each chapter with a fancinating black and white photo on circus people and animal of the time, it also describes the life for both performers and workmen of a circus with plenty details. I feel like a member of the Benzini Brothers Most Spectacular Show on Earth all the time.
As the story unfolds, my heart goes with the ebb and flow of the development. Human love interleaves with love for animals. Anecdotes of clever elephants and organtrum are all over the places. I cannot help laughing for Rosie, the elephant, and her  little tricks.
The story is told by a first person narrative, when Jacob, the main character, lived in a nursing home. In addition to the spirited love story for him, there is wrenching description of what being old and gradually losing independence means. It is heartbreaking to read what is happening inside a nursing home. Therefore, the ending comes as a more than welcomed relief, no matter how believable it can be. Deep in my heart, i want everyone live as they would like and do whatever they want. With myself being no exception


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