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Posted on: September 29, 2008


感恩节的时候跑出去玩了一趟. 从湾区出发, 从108/sonora pass经过去mono lake, 然后在bishop住了一晚上, 然后出发去死谷, 玩了一天, 然后在la郊区的老朋友家里住了一个晚上, 第三天在洛杉矶downtown 和好莱钨玩儿了一天, 然后连夜开回了家.
先说好啊, this is not a writing blog. my blog is more like my extended memory card。 i really enjoy a piece of beautiful writing and when i have time, i strive for it too. however, the thing is, i don’t always have that kind of time so most of the posts on this blog, they are rather crappy in terms of writing! They are more like notes to myself 。
Here it comes. I am so lazy that i start writing things by bullets。
1. trip planning
(1) first things first, a winter day is really SHORT.
(2) we probably should go through yosemite (tioga pass by 120) to reach mono lake and then stay in bishop, rather than going to the north of yosemite (sonora pass by 108). i did not choose to go through yosemite because i went by 120 once to tioga pass before and thought it was winding and dizzying mountain road. however, it turned out sonora pass is even higher than tioga pass and we were driving through curving mountain road any way.
(3) death valley deserves more than 1 day. too bad all the trip report i read seemed to say one day is enough.
(4) this is a lot of driving.
(5) we made the decision to drive back overnight from la to bay area because we were afraid of hitting the sunday traffic. it was probably a wise one.
(6) should wear a disposable pair of shoes while walking in death valley
(7) don’t wash the car before going to death valley
2. trip highlights
(1) sonora pass is a surprisingly beautiful place
(2) eastern sierra looks like teton, very impressive mountain range standing out  of flat plains.
(3) sunset at death valley is amazing。
Btw, my old friends are doing very well. in retrospect, on every turn of their life, the husband offered me opportunity of doing things together with him but every time i was hesitant in joining him…so seems like i have a tendency of passing big dollars by!

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