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Broomball is Fun

Posted on: September 28, 2008


On Tuesday night, I went to play broomball with coworkers. The arch enemy was our sister company, whose founders have close relationship with our founders. So we took it very seriously 😉 At first, hearing my coworkers talking about this black eye and that knee injury from their previous broomball events, i was not interested at all. However, since i was working late that night, my teammates were all encouraging me to go. One of them even went as far as saying being audiance would be fun too!
So I did go and it was great fun~ Broomball is basically hockey without skates. Everyone got a broom like stick and just show up on the ice. There is no limit on how many people can be on each team. So obviously a larger crowd is going to be advantageous.
We had about 30 people on the ice and roughly even on each team. The sister company made two goals while we made one so they won. The younger guys on our team were grumpy about the fact that they kicked intentionaly a lot. Actually their two goals were all soccer style goals. So we bashed the sister company on our return trip quite a bit 😉 I heard there is revenge plans to call another challenge on a sport that we can also play dirty but so far it has not materialized yet 😉
Anyway i had great fun on the ice. I was clumsy and at times missed my balls completely. It is all because I am so relunctant to run on the ice 😉 People fell all the time and i did not fall a single time. You can derive my game intensity from this statement easily 😉 Some players, especially those that are from Northeast, are such superb players that it is great fun just watching. I wish one day i can be as agile on ice as them. Maybe time to reinstate my plan to attend a skating school~


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