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Posted on: September 28, 2008


My poor computer has not gone back to life yet. So I have to write my blogs in English since the computer I am using now does not have much software to choose from. So far it worked out well, except a few pictures are missing from my posts and I will make up for them once my computer is fixed, which I don’t have an estimation at all. Life without a computer isn’t that bad, anyway.
I went to Valley Fair to scan the sweeping summer sale with Ann last Saturday. Ever since then, I felt this urge to buy and pay attention to myself. In fact, on Monday morning, I dressed myself head to toe with newly acquired possessions and earned quite some compliments. It was a simple outfit with a red lucky brand tee with a bold black carp print and the new slimming black pant from a|x. On top of it, i threw in my new pewter long necklace with a cute owl. So it was a very stylish outfit 😉
I also changed into a new pair of dansko sandals which I bought during nordie’s winter sale since coworkers have been commenting on the squeaky noises from my three-year-old ones. To my horror, I also realized that I have used the same purse for almost a year. Don’t get me wrong. I still love my super huge and heavy purse. But a girl needs constant changes 😉 So I pulled out another purse from my China trip a year and a half ago and started using it from yesterday.
I feel so good. I decide to pay more attention to myself, especially accessories, such as necklace, bracelet, watches, brooches,  belts and stuff like that. The ornaments make or break an outfit. So I gotta be more careful.
Anyway, a lot of things going on for the past couple of months, both in work and in life. For some reason, I was not paying enough attention to myself and I am going to change that, by starting to shop again 😉 I was not even buying a single thing for the past three months. It is quite unimaginable, is it!
So be it. I am into fashion again 😉


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